Not a bug

1 day data table view

InteractMarketing 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 4
Switching from 1h to 1d when I'm in a table view shows all data gathered as a no-data status. It looks like some kind of bug as in that case I'm not able to review when there was an error or successful status.

Not a bug

1day, 1month, 1year are aggregated data from 1 hour. Aggregated data cannot show any error. It is just average value.
So there is no way to switch into 1 day view and check where errors were occured duing past 24hrs?
Yes, 1 day chart doesn't show any error.
You can use Problem view to see problems at this component. Open component with necessary monitor and switch to Problems:

Totally forgot about that tab. Thanks for pointing back