US-Dallas monitoring location

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Is something wrong with that location? I have set HTTP monitoring from that location of my web site (is located in the States as well) and it looks like most slow connections to the site above 1000 ms page load time came from US-Dallas.

Also I don't know if it is good idea to have own monitoring location in same data center where are servers to monitor.

Any thoughts ?



Which is the site?

Regarding own monitoring location. 

FYI in the latest release we introduced failure confirmation from another location (i.e. if you have 2+ locations we will report failure only if 2+ locations' checks failed). 

Let's say, you have website on server S1 and you have a monitoring agent deployed on server S2. 

  • Now as you have the agent you can set up monitoring of S2 (New Component -> Hardware&OS).
  • Then you set up website@S1 monitoring from US-Dallas and from S2.
  • Then you can make a link from S2 to website@S1 (on the Infrastructure screen) - this means that if both S1 and S2 are not reachable from us, this is most likely the same problem and you won't get two separate alerts but only one.
Let me know if this makes sese for you.



Can I make link from current monitoring centers?

Also is there more info about Linux Agent package? Do I need to have linux graphics environment for that or just a shell is enough?

CA monitoring location should be the closest to it.

You can link/unlink any two Components on the main Infrastructure screen. Use link/unlink buttons in the toolbar.

This may be helpfull: http://wiki.anturis.com/index.php?title=Infrastructure

Also is there more info about Linux Agent package? Do I need to have linux graphics environment for that or just a shell is enough?

No. You just need to copy-paste a single command to your Linux shell. Learn more here: http://wiki.anturis.com/index.php?title=How_to_set_up_Linux_server_monitoring

Does a server must be on DMZ or can be behind 1:1 NAT?

There are two requirements for the server to deploy agent to:

  1. root access (for installation)
  2. HTTPs access to anturis.com. HTTP Proxy can also be used.
Note, there is no need to open any server ports on your side - agent will maintain client connection.

Thanks. I will follow those directions.

Well - it looks like some options require X-Windows:

Whould you like to install Anturis agent control panel (requires X-Windows)? (y/n)
Whould you like to install Anturis web transaction recorder (requires X-Windows)? (y/n)

Is there any way to configure agnet without it?


Just answer "n" :)

Did you solve the permission problem you posted in a separate thread?

Yes, I have solved them