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More false positive critical notifications

InteractMarketing 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 5
I have set those monitors for one of websites


during the weekend (July 18-19) and Monday (July 20) I had multiple critical notifications from US-Michigan as well single from other as Time Out when the site was up. I have expect to receive critical notifications when all each monitors will report incidents 3 times in a row and that will be escalates to critical level but not one single US-Michigan monitor will trigger it when all are show as successful and site is up. It is kind of annoying when I'm getting messages in the middle of the night or a conference and those failures are not valid.
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Could you please forward to support@anturis.com 2-3 this emails about incident started?
I have sent Anturis messages.

Back to the topic - I have status rule set to change when 2 out of 3 so I have been expecting to see critical when all monitors will have 2 time outs in a row not one monitor and at the first occurrence. It may be issue on monitor site or between in that case which triggered critical notification on my site.

Thanks for messages.

Let's clarify definitions :) Monitor in Anturis terms it is bulk of locations. In your cases locations are:
  • US-Michigan
  • US-Dallas
  • CA-Vancouver
  • DE-Frankfurt
So,it is one monitor with 4 locations.
Monitor changes status when at least two locations go beyond the threshold or return within its limits within the same period of time. So, if two location goes down(example, CA and DE) and monitor will change status in accordance with status rule and you will be notified.

Did you have local agent 'logmon.interacthosting.net' as a location in USCIB monitor when this critical notification happened? We see data from this agent to uscib July 17-20. So, in this case location logmon.interacthosting.net fails with 406 error and periodically one of above locations fails two. So, critical incident started when two location fails in the same period.

Thanks for an explanation that 2 monitors at minimum must to report an issue to change it to a critical one and with a problem generated by local agent all is clear.