No more Anturis notifications

InteractMarketing 11 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 9

I have got that message: "Hello, you used up all your notification credits and now we are not able to send you SMS or call you should any problem happen with your infrastructure"

When I have set only SMS/call for few tests (I think it was 4 or 5 test runs) and then disabled and now it looks like have used all limits not using those options.

Hi. Our records tell that you in fact used up to 50 credits on calls and SMSes and that is the limit for beta users.

Could that be caused by misconfiguration (e.g. wrong phone number where all the notifications went to)? I'd apppreciate if you can help us clarify this.


Any of persons added to Anturis have set phone number and even checked SMS/Phone notification. We have set this only for few test runs during beta staging but we have it disabled due to false positive messages. When Anturis went from beta to live we are not utilized any of those functions.

Ok. Anyway let me know if you need more of them. You are still our beta user :)

Thanks. I will let you know if I will need them :)

I have just pointed to the situation where there are no phone numbers it shouldn't trigger at all even SMS/call are checked in the notification box

I see your point now.

Right, that's an UX bug. We will fix it.

Thanks for the note.