Event logs

The Windows event logs Monitor allows you to monitor specific events logs.

Adding a Windows event logs monitor
Before proceeding, please ensure that you have created the Windows Server component and your Anturis Private Agent for Windows/Linux is running, and PowerShell 3.0 or later is installed.
Select the Application event log/Security event log/System event log slider if you need to monitor the Windows event logs on your server. In the Monitor Parameters window, set the following values:
  1. [Optional] Change the monitor Name.
  2. [Optional] Change the default value for refreshing intervals (min).
  3. [Optional] Change the log name.
  4. You can enter the threshold values if any of user-defined events are logged and/or number of error events is reached (events with "Error" or "Critical" severity levels) and equals or exceeds set value.
  5. Go to Monitor Status Change Rule and specify the number of consecutive measurements needed to change the monitor status.
  6. Click OK.

To manage your monitor, go to the Monitor Manager and click on the slider to deactivate the monitor.