Network interface

A network interface allows you to monitor the network channel on your server so that you are alerted if your machine’s network channel reaches the warning or error level that you specified.

Adding a network interface monitor

Before proceeding, please ensure that your Anturis Private Agent for Windows/Linux is running.
Select the Network slider if you need to monitor the network channel on your server. In the Parameters window, set the following values:
  1. [Optional] Change the monitor Name.
  2. [Optional] Change the default value for refreshing intervals (min).
  3. Enter the Error threshold and/or Discards values (packages per min), to create a notification for when a threshold exceeded.
  4. Go to Monitor Status Change Rule and specify the number of consecutive measurements needed to change the monitor status.

To manage your monitor, go to the Monitor Manager and click on the slider to deactivate the monitor.