Anturis generates reports on the status of servers in your environment, based on the criteria (threshold) specified in Monitor Properties.

Reports are useful when you need to pinpoint the source of a problem within your infrastructure. With a report, you can visually analyze how individual critical resources — such as memory, CPU, and disk resources — are consumed. You can schedule and email reports to the responsible people in your organization via daily, weekly, or monthly subscriptions.

How do I use the Reports page?

The Reports page displays a percentage for the OK status, error status, warning status, and the number of occurred problems for one or more components and monitors. This information is displayed in a tabular data format. Hence, you may find this report useful for quickly reviewing status availability metrics across all infrastructure resources.

Date range

Choose the time range for which you would like to see data. To do so, use the calendar on the left side panel.

Subscribing to reports

You can send up-to-date data about your infrastructure by creating a subscription for the responsible person. There are three types of the subscriptions: daily, weekly, or monthly. To subscribe, click Subscribe to Uptime report, choose the recipient, and choose the report delivery frequency.