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no SMS

steve leroux ntl 6 years ago updated by TheSimpleStores 6 years ago 4

No SMS today.

I received the email but not the SMS.

Here's the email.

From: Anturis [mailto:anturis@anturis.com] Sent: July-17-18 12:03 PM To: Leroux, Steve Subject: STARTED Incident involving Syst3092 at 12:02 17/07

New Critical Incident started at 12:02 EDT on Tuesday, July 17 with steve.leroux.ntl.

1 new Problem(s):

Threshold check on syst3092.bellnordiq.net. Value should be greater than 1 . Custom value is 0.0

Exit code: 0

Process output (Truncated: No):


Under review


We have contacted our sms gateway provider. Need a few details to investigate delivery issue:

1. Do you have some SMS anti-spam application on the phone?
2. What is your network(mobile provider)?
3. Has your number been ported(changed from 1 network to another while keeping the same number)?

1. there is no SMS anti-spam application on my phone

2.Bell Canada (https://www.bell.ca/)

3. my number hasn't changed and it's a Bell number. 


Sorry for the delay. Our SMS gateway provider is still investigating this issue. Did you have SMS delivery issue after July 17? 

Ditto here, received an email alert but no SMS.  

No anti-spam here either, AT&T in the US, no telephone # changes in years.