I'm migrating servers to the new datacenter

andrey baranov 6 years ago updated by Alexander Artamonov (Here to help) 6 years ago 4


I'm migrating servers to the new datacenter from old datacenter, and trying to minimize effort on configuring monitorings.

In new datacenter all servers will have new IP addresses, however they all have same disk names, and same software installed, all the same, therefore monitorings on them should be the same.

One idea is to:

1. Install anturis agents on new servers

2. Name them the same way as they were named while being installed on old servers

3. Stop/shut dowsn anturis agents installed on servers located in old datacenter.

Will Anturis seamlessly continue working with new anturis agents installed on new servers?


Yes, you can keep the old names but before migration process you should export this key

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Anturis Monitoring\agent-service\serverconnection

and add it in OS in new server for Windows.

For Linux move this directory

/opt/anturis/etc/ and after installing agent on new server replace files in /opt/anturis/etc/  and restart agent service

Did the solution helped you or not?

Hi Svyatoslav,

Yes, finished works just recently and your solution was perfect, saved us huge amount of time!

Thank you very much