reports on "current" period

TONARCAD 8 years ago 0


In the reports web-page, you can only see reports for periods that are completely terminated.

e.g. today, January 13 I can see daily reports up until january 12, weekly reports until last week (jan 4 - 10) and monthly reports until december last year.

I think it would be interesting to be able to see reports for the 'current' (not yet finished) period like this: today January 13 I can see a daily report as of january 13 00:00, a weekly report as of jan/11 00:00, a monthly report as of jan/1 00:00 ... all of them up until the last run of the scenarios.

This kind of reporting is more or less covered by the Dashboard page but this page is a graph and does not contain a calculated percentage.

Subscription to reports should of course remain to 'completed' (past) periods.