Disconnected agent email

busdanturis 6 years ago updated by Alexander Artamonov (Here to help) 6 years ago 1

Does Anturis send me an email when an agent becomes "Disconnected"? For example, I have 5 Windows servers as components in my site. I only want to be notified when one or more of these servers' agents is not able to contact Anturis (basically, I want to know if they lose internet access or are offline). I don't want to add monitors to them (like PING or HTTP) that would monitor connectivity to a website or server on the internet, because then I get emails about the PING or HTTP times being too long for example. I only want to know if they are simply connected to the internet. I have another internal monitoring solution that I use but won't work if we lose internet - I want Anturis to be able to tell me that we've lost internet.



There is no way to configure monitoring without using Monitors. In order to check servers availability from the Internet I suggest you to use Ping monitors with high Error and Warning thresholds via public agents: http://community.anturis.com/forums/4-knowledge-base/topics/685-ping/

This way you will minimise the number of notifications.