Linux agent reports wrong free RAM metric

Vitaly Karasik 7 years ago updated by Alexander Artamonov (Here to help) 7 years ago 6

I'm running the latest  Anturis agent (installed a few months ago) on Debian 8 server.

Even "free" utility reports about 3GB free RAM:

free -g
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:             7          4          3          0          0          1

Anturis RAM graph  many times reports some random values - see attached screenshot.

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Image 189

I found the problem - I have a dev box, cloned from the live one. And Anturis agent uses the same hostname.

Is there a way to use a variable ($HOSTNAME?) instead of hardcoded name as agent_name?


Hi Vitaly,

Would you please share a screenshot of how agent_name is currently specified so I could clarify your inquiry?


for now I have


I'd like to use some macro or variable, like Linux env variable $HOSTNAME.

Hi Vitaly,

The issue not in host name. Anturis Server assignes UUID to agent when agent connects to the server for the first time . This UUID is stored in agent configuration file that is accessible using the following path: /opt/anturis/etc/agent-service.ini (see screenhot http://prntscr.com/h56j9w)

When the VM with installed agent was closed  you had two VMs with installed agent and this both agents have the same UUID. As a result our server decided this two agents like one agent because of the same UUID. So, the problem is not related to the hostname. 

So, after the VM is closed you need to change UUID in /opt/anturis/etc/agent-service.ini and restart Anturis service.

You can also set agent UUID and pass host name by the following command:

# sudo /opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -s -ai=some-uud -an=$HOSTNAME
and then restart service:
# service anturis-agent-service restart

Thank you.