My monitors don't detect outages anymore

HGC 7 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 7 years ago 2

I have just simple ping monitors of a few HTTP servers. They used to work perfectly, sending SMS and all. After the plan was downgraded to Free (after trial) - or maybe it's just a coincidence - not only it no longer alerts about outages, but the online portal shows ever-online state. We had some very clear outages recently, and the online portal never changed from "green" status for any of the services.

Did anyone else experience a similar issue?

It seems that I found the issue. Apparently the monitors have been stopped when transitioned to the Free plan, and I was supposed to start them manually (supposedly because I could have had more than 5 monitors - I didn't - and they needed to be started selectively now).

Suggestion: Count the number of monitors, and don't stop them, if they don't exceed 5.

And another suggestion: Don't show "green" status, when monitors are stopped.