Cloned VM, how to replace agent with new ID

appuspa 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1

Hi, I cloned an linux VM with Anturis agent already installed, the problem is that when I try to add a new component in anturis, the agent is replacing each other, I even try to remove the agents and reinstall but still overriding each other, also I tried to change the entry agent_name= in the anturis ini config, the server name changes in the anturis console but still replacing each other, how can I do in this situation? Usually I scale-up the farm cloning the VMs is there a solution in my case?

thank you so much.

I changed the agent_uuid in agent-service.ini and now I can see 2 different machines. may be this UUID is generated based on mac addrs or something like that.. when cloning machines or using AWS AMI would be a big problem.