Ability to map status to severity per component/monitor

RezareSystems 7 years ago 0


On a container we want to say some of the monitors report as CRITICAL, some as MAJOR when they have errors. e.g:

  • Server
    • FREE SPACE C:\ - Should map ERROR state to MAJOR severity
    • PING (Host Up) - Should map ERROR state to CRITICAL severity

It would be really good to be able to set severity on a per monitor (or per monitor type) basis. The use case for this is that we are monitoring disk usage and whether the host is up (using ping) for all of our servers. If the ping fails - we consider this CRITICAL, and want to be notified about it straight away (we have txt alerts setup for CRITICAL issues). However, we have the free disk usage setup to error at X GB, which when reached, we want it to be flagged as a MAJOR issue (we don't want to get txts about that, just emails).

Is there a way of doing this at the moment? It looks like you can only set it on a per-server/per-container level, rather than a per-monitor level. Don't really want to have multiple containers for the same server if possible.