How to get code of request and reply received by monitoring tool?

Yves_Rocher 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 2
I need to provide details to support team of web site. So I need to know the request code that your tool send on HTTP request and the conditions of the reply considered failure. 
Under review
HTTP monitor send GET request to target url. In you account I see one HTTP monitor. It will have error status when response time is over 10000ms or HTTP status not 2?? Sometimes this monitor returns:


and sometimes:

Looks like this three issues are connected. 

Also I see you have ping monitor in the same component. Unfortunately, it doesn't work because on your server disabled ping response. You can ask your support team to turn on ping feature for our agents, IP addresses of our agents you can find in our wiki http://wiki.anturis.com/index.php?title=Public_Agents_IP_Addresses

Since you have ping and http monitor in one component and ping monitor always returned error then whole component have error status and you received only one notification about incident started. In case ping monitor will works then you will receive alerts each time when error appears and this alert will contains error code and explanation. We recommend pause ping monitor until ping feature will be start on your server.