Warning and error events all get notification as critical error

gumbuya 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 8
Notice that all warning and error conditions, we get notifications with "Critical Problem/Incident" and Status:error, even when the condition level is merely warning.

Shouldn't there be a more granular reporting of levels?
Here how it works.

1. Component Status is defined as a worst Status of its Monitors. Can be Error or Warning.
2. Component Problem Severity is another thing and can be Critical, Major, Minor and Info. It is defined from Component Status via status2severity mapping. this mapping can be changed at Edit Component dialog, Status Mapping tab. By default it is error->critical, warning->major.
3. Incident is an Infrastructure-wide thing. It happens with a graph of linked Components altogether. That's why in notification email you have several Components listed together. Incident Severity is defined as a worst Severity among involved Components.
3. Now you may also alter the way you (or anybody else) are notified. There 3 ways to get notified about an Incident (or a Problem): e-mail, SMS and Voice alert. In Edit Person dialog of any Person there is Notifications tab that defines mapping between Severity and alert.

Does this work for you?
The thing is the events we're being notified of are at the warning level thresholds. They are not at the error level, but are being classified as error, and not major.
Sorry for misunderstanding.
We did some fixes in the latest release. Does the problem still exist?
I'm having the same problem.
No Problem severity field, even changing the level for info, yet received alert.
It is expected to resolve the problemação.

Please describe what type of unnecessary alerts you received: sms, email or calls? Please forward a few emails\sms to support@anturis.com. We will check.
Thanks for the example. You need to unmarked Info level for your Administrator person:

After that this person will not receive alerts for component with Info severity.
We wouldn't know until some of the conditional events occur again....