False Connection errors on mysql connection monitoring?

JoVE 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1

A monitor connected to one of our servers keeps sending out the following email every few minutes, with different time-stamps of course:

'Major Problem with SQL on master-db started at 15:05 EST on Thursday, March 23 with JoVE has ended at 15:06 EST on Thursday, March 23.'

Looking on the Anturis console it says the error is:

Cannot open MySQL server connection

Error code: 1600

Cannot open MySQL server connection. This may be caused by a problem with MySQL server or incorrect Monitor configuration.

To the best of our knowledge we have not made any changes to the monitor or the server and all was working fine earlier in the day. 'Major Problem' emails were sent out consistently every few minutes for 2 hours before we paused the monitor.

Any idea how we can prevent this?

just a note as I seem to have left it out, we were able to ssh to our server and confirm that mysql was running and behaving normally during that 2 hour period.