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Agent running properly on component, but does not appear in list--cannot add

S Shank 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 2

Hi, I've got 12 computers running agents (green light, connected, different names), but only four are appearing in the list of computers. I therefore cannot monitor these machines. Can you please assist? Thanks

Under review

Hi, S Shrank,

sorry for the late response.

If the issue is still present, please send the detailed description to support@anturis.com

It's ok. I also already submitted a ticket to support@anturis.com but no one could help me (I was told this is "normal behavior"). I finally figured it out.

For those who also have this issue:

  • When you try to add a new piece of infrastructure, you may or may not see it in the list of available devices. You will also see devices that have already been added appearing in the list of available devices. Ignore those of course because they are already added.
  • Go to the server you want to add, stop the Anturis Agent, and start it again. Then refresh the list using the "Update agent connection status" button. If you're lucky, one of the machines shown there will be replaced with the machine whose agent you just restarted. Add it now while you can. I had to do this one by one for each machine that did not appear in the list.

Also, if you are trying to use the Anturis Wiki, there is a long-standing gateway error that prevents it from being used. I have reported this but it didn't seem to help. Here is an example:


or simply:


Quite frustrating.