Content check failed HTTP status should match '200'

ZaGenie 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 8 years ago 5

We installed a product on our server, and now the index.php is causing this incident...

Content check failed
  • HTTP status should match '200'
The index.php in question is set to permission 644

What do we need to do to resolve this issue?

Many thanks!
Forgot to mention.... using Firebug, the file in question does in fact return a code of 200.


Also, checked with the developer and they confirm there is nothing peculiar about that index.php


Under review
Hi Herby,

It is our mistake.

First request http://server.zagenie.net returns 303 status which means redirect but our agent didn't follow it. We will fix it soon.
As temporary workaround you can create two http monitors: the first one with server.zagenie.net and with status check=303 and the second one http://server.zagenie.net/administrator/index.php with status check = 200

Sorry for the inconvenience.
No problem. Thanks for the quick and pro-active response. Cheers, Herby