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Monitoring usage (or lack thereof) of a specific directory

ChrisHH 8 years ago updated by Vyacheslav Terentiev (Here to help) 8 years ago 1

Hello all!

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to accomplish a request from our business owner. The basic concept is to have a sensor running that checks a directory of a Windows machine. If the directory has not been written to within (x) time frame (ie 1hr, 2hrs, etc) then the sensor enters a failed state.

I would greatly appreciate any tips I could get to get this working!

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Unfortunately, that kind of monitor does not exist, but I believe you can create a custom one. This kind of monitor will require additional scripting knowledge. For example powershell or Visual Basic should work fine.

After creating a script the output of which will be the time without modification you can create a custom script monitor :


And specify the required range.