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API function

MediaTemple 11 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 7

It would be great if you guys added a API that would allow the following:

Adding and removing monitoring

Retrieve the status of each monitor

There is API of course. But it is not freezed. Are you looking for some automation? We can discuss it.

Is it possible to get an update about the API status. Is there any API documentation? Would like to get some of the monitoring logs for use in a web application.


Kind regards,

Hi Rick,

Unforunately, API still unavailable. 
Hi, Anturis Team.

Is there any API available?

For now, we don't care if we have to change something when an update breaks the integration.

We can live with that untill you freeze the API.


Unfortunately, it is still unavailable. 

Hi Anturis Team,

will the API be available soon ?