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Shell and log General Plugin Failure Error Code 8

BASTechnologies 8 years ago updated 6 years ago 3


Similar to another reported bug, but not quite the same symptoms. I am getting Error code 8 on Windows 2012 server when I try and execute a shell command ( I try 'echo test' to keep it simple), I also get the same when trying to set up a log monitor. The base disk/cpu and process monitors work fine. I am using the same settings as I used successfully on 2008R2 servers which I set up monitoring two years ago.

Attached are two screenshots of the Anturis Agent log which show that the plugins are failing because the restricted token cannot be constructed. I have three servers which I am setting up 2 of them have the same issue, the third allows shell commands.

It is critical for my business to get this working as soon as possible, please assist.

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do you have a domain controller? Is any agent installed on DC?

Hi, It's been a while but I am coming back to this again. The issue was never resolved. No there is not an agent on the DC.

Not the ideal answer but I put the anturis_restrict account in the local admin group and it works fine.