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Anturis windows user accounts

BASTechnologies 8 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 8 years ago 2


I notice the new Windows agent installs different Windows user accounts than the older version. Please confirm which account executes the log monitor and what file permissions are required.

It would be really helpful if an overview of the Anturis user account(s) were published in the wiki (apologies if it is already there).

Hi, I have tried finding the user by issuing echo %USERNAME% in a shell command custom monitor but get "Failed with code 8, General plugin failure". This is the same error I get when I try to set up a log monitor. The server disk, cpu and process monitors work fine. Can you help diagnose the issue please?

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New version have two users: AnturisAgent and AnturisRestrict.

AnturisAgent have admins right and need for local hardware monitors: cpu, disk, memory, network channel. AnturisRestrict is unprivileged user and need for other monitors including log monitor.

AnturisRestrict should have the following rights:

- Allow log on locally


- Log on as a service

- Replace a process level token

Please check that in Local Security Policy that this user have appropriate rights.