how do i connect to sql database

bennyv 8 years ago updated by Alexander Artamonov (Here to help) 8 years ago 2

I have a VM server (2012 R2) running, with SQL installed on it. it's not an sql server not dedicated to it.

how do i link it to your monitor? it asks for login\passowrd i tried both sql password and windows password on port 3306 but no luck

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Hello Bennyv,

first of all we're sorry for the delay.

My name is Alexander Artamonov, I am representing the Anturis Support Team and I will be glad to help you with the issue.

Please let me know some additional details about your situation.

1. You have a private agent installed on 2012 R2 and it's added to the Management Console, right?

2. What do you mean by mentioning that the machine is not a dedicated SQL server? What kind of SQL server does it run?

3. Could you please attach screenshots how you specify the credentials?

Best regards,
Alexander Artamonov
Anturis Support