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403 on my Basic Auth call to my API

Tourboks 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 5

I am using the guide you have published here to set up some calls to my Basic Auth protected ssl API. But I am getting 403. The method POST is ok, https is setup, if I copy paste the url and the username-password on POSTMAN it then returns some results. Am I missing something?

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Please create such monitor in your account and we will check


Please have a look at monitor https@api.tourboks.com


Any update on that?


Sorry for the delay. We use the following way for basic access authentication process: https://user:password@www.example.com/index.html If you call it with your credential you received the same status 403.

Unfortunately that doesnt solve my issue. I am talking about an http monitor.

I cant save the format you provided to the target url.

curl --user user:pass https://www.example.com/api

works fine though