Change monitoring location selected by default

Jeff Uberstine 11 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 11 years ago 5

I have been unable to find an option for this. How can I change the default monitoring location?


Click on Edit Monitor. Directly in the window that willl appear you'll find the set of monitoring locations, where you can check/uncheck the ones you need.

Correct; however, it will default to NL-Amsterdam. I would like to set which one to default without needing to edit it. Is this possible or can this be added in the future?

I see what you mean now.

Let's clarify this. Do you mainly intend to have the same locations set for all your Monitors? How many locations you'd like to have as "default"?

I would like to have it always use a US location since our servers are in the US, IE Dallas. If I then need to change it to something else, this could be done manually.

Ok. I think it makes sense. Changing from "question" to "idea"

FYI, the closets location is now automatically selected by default (IP is used for this).