Alert of Backup failures

arkdental 11 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 11 years ago 1

Hi: I am evaluating Anturis and a newbie. I have a sever where I use Retrospect software t backup the data. How do I use Anturis to monitor/track if the backups are happening? Can the Anturis agent be configured to forward traps or look at some log files for lines about the baclup status? Or is there a different way?



Hi, yes it is possible to check it in a number of ways:

1. use process monitor to check that all necessary Retrospect processes are running

2. use log monitor to check that: 

(a) some text pattern (e.g. a record about backup done) appears in the log with given frequency

(b) some text pattern (e.g. error message) doesn't appears and send alert if it appears.

3. use custom shell monitor to periodically run some arbitrary shell command to query status or performance metrics of Retrospect and check the command output.