linux agent install without X-Windows

Esprida_Corp 9 years ago updated by Devi Lal 6 years ago 3
When installing linux agent you are prompted to install three things:
1] daemon agent,
2] agent control panel (requires X-Windows)
3] web transaction recorder (requires X-Windows)
If I install only agent daemon, it does not fully work, (probably expects connection to control panel)

How can I run agent without X-Windows?
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Agent should works if only agent daemon was installed. Please execute the following commands under root on your server:
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -t
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -s -un=Esprida_Corp -up=password
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -c

where "password" it is your password from anturis account
I tried your suggestion and it works!
Just a clarification for other users (since it is not clear in the wiki)
if you have Linux without GUI (and no X-Windows installed) run the installer, when asked to install agent daemon - yes
- agent control panel (requires X-Windows) - no
- web transaction recorder (requires X-Windows) -no
then you are asked to connect to server - I entered yes and put my user/password, it told me
Success, Connecting to server... , Can't complete operation
I can see the process running, but no agent registered on the website.
then I ran these three commands and it is connected
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -t
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -s -un=username -up=password
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -c