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How not to get many many alerts text..., when it is obvious that when the internet is down all other systems behind the Comcast router will go offline!

bokluk1001 9 years ago updated by Kavya 7 years ago 3
It is very disruptive while it is obvious!

We have POS (point of sale), VOP phones and Sec Cam (security cameras) behind our Comcast router. We have setup ping monitors on all of them. When the Internet goes down we are flooded with emails that our security cameras , POS, vop phones are not working!
 We just want alert that the Comcast modem is offline. it is obvious that everything behind the router will go offline!
, but instead it bombards with emails and will spend in no time our monthly SMS text messages quota! How to make  "Do not alert when the Comcast Internet router is down " option???  Since the POS, VOP and Security cameras are listed as dependency on the Comcast router - should not that silence the alarms , because it is a waste of money and credits for text messages!  We logically think that POS, VOP and Sec should produce PING alerts only when the Comcast router is online!
Under review
We have two alerts type:
1. Problem alerts
2. Incident alerts 

Please read about this two types here http://community.anturis.com/topic/429377-double-alerts-in-problem-and-incident-categories/

As I see all components have two responsible person. I think you can remove responsible person from all components and only receive incident alerts. It will solve your issue
Hello Ilia!
I guess I am not clear or your programmers needs to implement that and it will be a beautiful system! With much more potential!

Scenario one - When Internet service goes down:
When the Cable modem goes of line (internet outage or something) we do not want three people running to fix POS (points of sale server), VOP (our phones) and SEC( security cameras) - because they will be fine when Internet goes back online! There will be nothing to fix!
Unfortunately they will be alerted because the three monitors will produce ERRORS - NO DATA even thought they are functioning!

Scenario two: When Internet is up and running:
Of course if the Internet is up and running (our cable modem is communicating fine with Internet) and somebody unplugs the network cable from the VOP or POS or Security cameras  or unplugs one of them from power outlet or the power supply inside burns out 
-we will  receive the  ERRORS - NO DATA from the local agents and that is PERFECT because that is the real situation!

Solution - how I imagine it...
When setting up a particular monitor-
In the Monitor settings you should have a drop down menu that will pull up a list of all the monitors  with a check mark next to them - when a monitor that has been checked with check mark FALLS in error state  - then the particular monitor (the one that we are configuring at the moment) will be paused until the other(prerequisite monitor - that has been check with check mark) go back from error state!

SO when I am configuring the VOIP (phone system) I will tell the ping monitor to get paused until Comcast cable modem goes back online - and that is it ! No false alerts!

Got it! It is good suggestion. We will think about it. Thanks