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Public display of dashboard

tbt 9 years ago updated by logwise 7 years ago 7

Is it possible to have a login to Anturis for a read only view of a dashboard? We would like to be able to display the status of the servers on a monitor in the office and leave it unattended.

Under review

Unfortunately, we haven't such feature.
Also I need the same functionality you plan to implement?It is expected?
We are understand importance of this feature. So, this feature in our plans but there is no roadmap for when it might be available.

This would be a great feature, an ability to not only display current server status. But maybe to also embed the detailed uptime stats as shown in the admin panel.

I would also like this feature.


Do you have any dates?

I would love something like this. If not available soon, can you show use-cases of other tools integrating with Anturis to display this type of info ?