Incident description inside alert emails

peteles 11 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 10 years ago 1


I've remarked that we receive only email notifications that an incident has happened, without describing which monitor was causing the incident. Is this normal behavior? 

If yes, would be nice to have the description or the name of the monitor on which the incident happened.



No, it is not normal behaviour. Below is the example of our incident notification. Could you please copy here that email notification in question.

New Critical Incident started at 10:39 MUT on Thursday, November 21 with deleteme_ratingruneta.

1 new Problem:

  • Critical Problem with Test1 (new Status:Error) started at 10:39 MUT on Thursday, November 21:

    • Monitor my-apps.com:

      Connectivity error on DE-Berlin. Timeout: the monitoring task is not completed in a reasonable time. For a web or MySQL Monitor this means the target host is unreachable or down. For a custom shell monitor this means that the shell command didn't complete its execution in a reasonable time and was killed..