Can i monitor multiple mysql servers from one agent?

himalayasystems 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 2
My current setup contains 3 mysql servers. Mysql1, mysql2, mysql3. None of them have access to an internet connection. They are however connected to an internal network. 
My nginx server has a connection to the internal network and the internet. I've already installed an agent on the nginx server and I would like to monitor my mysql servers from there.

When I try to set up the monitor for mysql it asks for a port a username and a password, but I cannot supply a hostname or ip address. I'm guessing the monitor always assumes the mysql server is on localhost.

How do I go about configuring this?

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Please use Monitor wizard for such case:
1. Open any existing component
2. Press 'New monitor' button
3. You will get Monitor wizard where you can set ip address