contents of SMS messages

flexin 10 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 10 years ago 3
I would like to see more details in the text messages you send.
Rather than "new major incident at XX with server X", I would prefer something like:

new incident - server XX - timestamp - test name - metric comparison (warning)

for instance:

new incident - server 32 - 12:44 - Server Load - 9.48 > 8 (warning)
Thank you for the idea.
We did our best to put maximum info into the length of a single SMS. Component and esp. Monitor's names can be quite long. Finally, there may be more than one metric/moitor/component causing a problem. 
Anyway, we'll keep your advice in mind when reworking SMS notification template next time.
Thanks again and keep us posted about your other ideas )
The thing is at this time we ONLY know there IS a problem on a specific server - but we have no idea WHAT problem.
For instance - it's often normal for a server to have a temporary high load if we schedule a mass mailing for instance; it would be nice if it would just give us an idea of what is actually causing the warning.  The text "new major incident" is just so long, and seriously does not really contribute anything ;-)
I understand your point.
Would it work for you to set WARNING threshold for CPU? In this case you'll get a Major incident for CPU and a Critical one for server down. Moreover you may set e-mail only notification for the Major incident and email+SMS for the Critical one.