Local Processes Monitor

steve leroux ntl gmail 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 10 years ago 4
I am evaluating this very cool cloud service was testing out monitoring local processes.
I set 1 up and it detected the process.
I set it so that it should alert if less than 1 process exists but it always shows as green/success.
Am I doing something wrong?
Under review
I see in your monitor setting you have 'greater than 0'. You need to change  greater then 0 process to greater then 1 process. After that you will be alerted if processes=0
Thanks.  I tried it and it worked.

Just to be clear:  I have 1 process on the server and if I want to know when it terminates, I need to put "Process > 1" even though I only have 1 process.  If Process = 1; 1 >1; Anturis reports success (green) even though logically it doesn't make sense cause 1 is not greater than 1.  To me it looks like when we set "Greater Than", it actually means "Greater or equal Than".  I assume the others may have the same flaw; like "Less Than" is actually "Less or equal Than".
I find this confusion.
May I suggest fixing the interval type code to reflect what is said or change the wording.  (like "Greater or equal Than").
Thanks for your suggestion. This wording will be fixed soon

We've fixed the wording.