log count expression examples

BASTechnologies 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 10 years ago 5

Could you provide some detail around how to use the log count expressions in the log monitor please? I understand the basic check for a single string but is there a check for multiple strings or the ability to add an exclude list?

e.g. count ABC and DEF but not ABCDEF

The exclude would be quite difficult I guess but some more detail on what string match tool is being used may help.
Under review

Our tool matching expression string by string. So, only single string will match with expression.
We use Wildcard for matching expression in log files that's why no exclude list.

What's the difference between wildcard, static string and unix wildcard please? What are the special characters to be used?
Wildcard it is regular wildcard, so special characters is '?' and '*'.
Unix wild card is similar to Wildcard but with the behavior of a Unix shell. The wildcard characters can be escaped with the character "\".
Static string means that the pattern is interpreted as a plain string
Thank you. They are exactly as labelled, no surprises.