Uptime monitor creation error Cloudlinux

Maurits 9 years ago updated by João Junior 9 years ago 4
I'm trying to setup the uptime monitor through the cPanel/WHM plugin, running on Cloudlinux. But every time I get the following error: "Uptime monitor has not been created".
Any advice?
go to your WHM and check the Manage Shell Access to make sure that the anturis account is not with the shell disabled ... i was able to fix that issue myself once i inserted that user account into Normal Shell* or Jailed Shell ... it will always fail if the anturis account is marked as Disabled Shell ...
Hi João, thanks for your reply. I looked into that, but there is no user 'anturis' listed there which I can grant access. However I can see in the usage reports of WHM that there are process running under the username 'anturis', so the user does exist. Any ideas?
the username should be "anturism" and its listed as domain "anturis.monitor"