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Custom criteria of final monitoring status (by number of monitoring agent)

tbbong 11 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 11 years ago 3

Good Day,

Monitoring websites via multiple monitoring location (agent) is quite common.

However, alert might required(based on certain percentage) ,even though not "all" of the monitoring location detection is "down/fail".

eg: 3 out of 6 agent detected is fail. need to notify administrator.

I can't find any of the setting in anturis. If there is any, please let me know.


Could you please describe a particular example case when you don't need a fault to be confirmed from all the locations? Probably there will be a better solution for your case.

I would have 5 different probe(From various location-worldwide). If 3 or more location/probe have fault, I would need the technical team to start investigate instead of waiting all 5  location/probe have issue

Please let me know if any solution.

** Service provider. 

If, say, there is a server goes down then regardless of the number of locations you will get alert after similar period of time. This period of time approx equals to = polling period multiply number of subsequent failures from status rule tab. Ex:

Polling period = 3 min

Number of subsequent failures = 2

=> You will get an alert after 4-7 min after crash, whether you have 1 location or 6.

So if your concern is the time to reaction then I'd rather suggest you just decrease the polling period.

P.S. currently we need just 2 locations to confirm failure, but we plan to increase it in future.