How to monitor server?

templaza 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 4
Hi Team,

I am using your trial version. I just want to know one thing before purchase a package.
How to monitor my server? How to know the files when they was modified on my server?

Thanks & Best Regards,
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Hi Sonny,

We have a lot of monitors for server monitoring. You can read about all monitors on our web site https://anturis.com/solutions/
You can create simple monitors via Component wizard(New Component button). To create advanced monitors please use Monitor wizard: open any created component(or create Custom component via Component wizard) and press New Monitor button. 
About monitoring modified files. You can create shell script which our monitor will execute on your server. Please read about it https://anturis.com/custom-monitoring-extensions/
May you help me do it? If you can't please tell me how to uninstall your plugin?

Thanks & Best Regards,
You can use such type of script:
only need to adopt it for your case.

To uninstall our plugin simple run this commands in root console /opt/anturis/uninstall-anturis-agent.sh