server migration required anturis re-install and now have duplicate entries for the same server name. Which is correct?

BeSeen 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 10 years ago 2
How do we work out which is the correct agent? and how do we delete the wrong one from the system?

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If you see agents with active status in Location&Agents tab then this agents are connected to anturis.com. To disconnect one agent need to disconnect this agent on your server: Run this command under root: /opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -t
If you want to change agent name run the following this commands on your sever:
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -t
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -s -an=new_agent_name
/opt/anturis/bin/agent-config -c