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log file decreased in size false alarm

BASTechnologies 10 years ago updated by Konstantin (Here to help) 10 years ago 2

I recieved an alert for a log file decreasing in size even though it is set as a rolling log file. Is there something else that I need to do
Thank you for letting us know. We are looking into this.
Meantime could you please archive the content of /opt/anturis/log and send/share to support@anturis.com
Thanks again!
Hi again,

We discovered that somehow you managed to launch two anturis agent processes on that server. Run ps and grep for /opt/anturis/bin/agent-service.

You need now to kill both and then restart only one: /etc/init.d/anturis-agent-service start

It will re-fetch monitors configuration which in turn will eventually solve your logs and other problems.
Thanks and let me know how it goes.