permanent error: Full page test creation fails - 1 min gets posted altough 10min is selected on the form.

reevio 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 4
I can't seem to create a Full-Page test: on the creation panel, the '10 min' checking frequency is selected, and disabled. But when Finishing the form, in the summary screen, '1 min' latency is shown. When I clikc finish, the system throws an error, that it cannot be 1 min, it has to be at least 10. This happens all the time. Seems like a bug.
Under review

What browser version are you using?
I used Chrome but it seems to be fixed now. I guess something conflicted in the JavaScript code or something. It hasn't occurred since, a refresh solved it.

I've reproduced this bug. We will fix this. Workaround now: refresh or close monitor wizard and open it again.
Thanks for info and sorry for the inconvenience.