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Response times in Anturis different than other tools?

Alwin 9 years ago updated 9 years ago 2
I have a question about the response times show in the charts for website HTTP monitoring:

I am using Anturis, Wormly and NewRelic (testing before choosing which one to use). In one website I build with WordPress (www.alwin.photography) I included the plugin W3TotalCache to speed up the website.

Now, since the exact moment I have activated the plugin the response times of my websites drops downs impressively in Wormly and in NewRelic. The average response times dropped from about 800 ms to 150 ms. In other words, I could clearly see the benefit of the W3TC plugin in 2 monitoring tools.

But activating the W3TC plugin did not show any improvement on response time in the Anturis Chart. The average response time did not drop at all.

So my question: how is it possible that I can see the faster response times in 2 other monitoring tools but not in Anturis?
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As I see you are using simple http monitor. So, when this monitor works it doesn't load all web site. It is just call one GET request to your web site. I sugget to use the full page monitor for this case.
Hi Ilya,

Yes I am using simple http monitor but I use simple http monitor too in Wormly and Newrelic. So the question still remains the same I think...

Why is Wormly and Newrelic (and Pingdom, which I test also now) all showing the response time dropdowns when using the W3TC plugin in simple http monitors, and Anturis is not showing any drop of response times?