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SLA reporting

MediaTemple 11 years ago updated by AP-M 6 years ago 3

It would be nice if you could specify a SLA per component. Some nice features would be as follows:

Did the component meet SLA percent?

If SLA percent is missed, it will include that in reporting.

Alerts specifically for SLA percentage


Interesting idea. May i please ask you several questions:

What kind of time period for SLA calculation you have in mind? What are the typical components for which you'd like to have this?


What is missing at the end of every report - AVERAGE Availability % so if we do have 50 monitors - there should be average % of all. eg 99,5% 

Also there should be summary dashboard with information what is the general availability of all monitors. So if IT has SLA/KPI 95% and total is 99,5%, it is easy to compare that SLA so far is met. 

Now what people need to do is manualy calculate it based on every single month - you dont have even option to export it to excel. 

Hope that helps, best wishes,