2 issues

G C Solutions 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 9 years ago 5
#1 When trying to add monitor, server name is not shown in the server list area.
#2 When trying to connect from WHM via the Anturis console option this error pops up.
{"reason": "account_key is missing", "error": "StatusWrongArguments"}

Under review
Re #1: could you please describe in more details which screen you mean? Or better attach a screenshot.
Re #2: will be fixed.

Got this one figured out. looking at it the way I did (as shown in the screencast) there appears no error for lack of agent or agent not running, Looking in WHM I did indeed see "No Data" for agent that sent me on the search and found this

Then clicking in a different +add monitor it brought up a page about installing the agent. Not all + monitors screens are equal before the agent gets installed.
Yeah, we plan to improve the wizard to make it more understandable.
Local resource monitors require local Anturis Agent to be installed. WHM plugin do also have such inside. In your video you were trying to start monitoring CPU but there were no such agent - that's why you saw empty server list.
Thanks for pointing this out )