Out of Notification Credits

socialknowledge 9 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 8 years ago 4
Does our Anturis subscription plan include alert notifications that replenish monthly/yearly? Or do we have to separately purchase more notification credits when we run out?
Under review

Yes, notification replenish monthly/yearly depending on plan period your purchased. As I see you bought Plan M with 1 year period. So, the full amount of notifications(for Plan M it is 480 notifications) was added to your account right after purchase.
In case notifications run out before finishing plan you can buy more notifications via your account.
Thanks for the clarification. Do these additional credits roll over into the next plan cycle?

There is no expiration date for additional credits. It will be available until you spend it. So if you have 150 additional credits right before next plan cycle then you will have 150+plan credits(for plan M 150+480=630 credits) right after next plan cycle.