How to script silent install of Windows Anturis agent

gumbuya 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 10 years ago 6
The documentation does not explain what installer parameters to use that a Windows Anturis agent can be completely installed and configured to connect with a one-line execution.

Under review

You can install anturis agent by following command under administrator:
msiexec /i anturis-agent.msi /quiet /l log.txt
To set credentials and connect agent to our server run this commands from installation directory c:\Program Files (x86)\Anturis\Anturis Monitoring:
agent-config -s -un="MyAccountName" -up="MyAccountPassword"
agent-config -c

Sorry, how to set the agent name ?
To set the agent name run this command:
agent-config -s -an="AgentName"
What I could realize yet is how to minimize the application while it is running
You can close Anturis Agen Manager. It will works in background.