Anturis agent error 500

BASTechnologies 10 years ago updated by Ilya (Here to help) 10 years ago 7
I occaisionally (once or twice a fortnight) get an error 500, cannot connect to the agent. The monitors I have need 2 valid responses to clear the error state so the incident will show at least 2 minute outage if this event occurs. Is there a setting that I can use to ignore brief agent connectivity issues to avoid alerting on intermitent error 500's?
Hello Simon,
Yes we are well aware about the problem. It will be fixed in the nearest release.
Sorry for inconvenience.
Just one thing Simon, could you please archive and upload the content of the /opt/anturis/log folder? You may just send it directly to support@anturis.com
Thanks a lot!
We introduced several improvements in the latest release.
Do you still experience this or a similar problem?

Everything was great until you jinxed it ;)

Both agents reported error status for all monitors 30 minutes ago with no further detail. Other than that no issues.
Shame on me )
Could you please copy here the alert email and the exact time of the problem? Or send it to support@anturis.com