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Service manager not found

tieuvinhlong 10 years ago updated by Alessandro 8 years ago 5
I can't install when play command:

curl -k -s https://anturis.com/api/1/agent/install/myusers/e... | sh

Error reponse is:

Service manager not found

How to fix it? Thanks
On which Linux distribution/version you run this?
Get this on CentOS 5
Our installation script could use 3 service managers: chkconfig, insserv, insserv. Centos 5 usually have chkconfig but string 'Service manager not found' said no. Do you have chkconfig in your system? Probably there is no chkconfig in PATH. Please check.

HI, on a CentOS 6 64 bit I've the same problem. Login as root, chkconfig is installed and working for system services (mysqld,httpd), but agent script failed. Here is the command:

Service manager not found

On a minimal installation of CentOS what is the requisites?

Thank you so much,