Schedule Alerts one Voice Call and another to text during work/after hours

OOTBS_EA 9 years ago updated by coretech 7 years ago 1
i'm looking for ability to Schedule different type of alerts during work/after hours. In my case i have main router that my data center manages which has public IP of xx.xx.xx.xx and i want to ping this device 24/7 with two types of monitors one during working hours 7am-9pm and if it goes down to do voice call me right away and another monitor during after hours from 9pm to 6am where if it goes down to just text me. The data center folks sometimes do maintenance on their routers around 12am to 5am and it would suck to get waken up around this time due to them doing some type of maintenance like switching routes for example.

I also would like different notifications for different hours.   For Example: I would like to get a text message during business hours, but at night between midnight and 3am just send me an email...